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Trilogy Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin and The Doors Tribute Band


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The Bands

Experience the sights and sounds of three epic bands all in one memorable night! Each member of each band looks and sounds like the person they are portraying. Trilogy is made up of professional musicians from all over the nation. Each musician was handpicked specifically for each role.  


The show begins with The Doors Tribute. Witness with your own eyes as we bring Jim Morrison and the whole band back to life. You will be questioning all of your senses.


The show continues with The Led Zeppelin Tribute. See our Jimmy Page play your favorite solos note for note in the infamous Dragon suit. And our Robert Plant with the voice of a God, and those Angelic moves. They will truly make you wonder if it's 1970 again. 


Finishing the night in epic fashion is The Pink Floyd Tribute. Experience the sights and sounds of Pink Floyd like never before! Including an extra ordinary saxophonist and female backup singer that will make the hair raise on the back of your neck. Watch as our Roger Waters and David Gilmour deliver all of soulful vocals and timeless guitar solos that will leave you breathless. Follow us back in time, and relive the past.


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